Social & Coaching Climbing Nights at 3WM  


Are you thinking it's time to invest and up your climbing  level?

Want to get involved in our community climbing nights?

Are you looking for tips or direction to progress your climbing, a friendly face to climb with and get involved in our social climbing evenings?

Join our free free Adult Coaching sessions on these Thursdays from 7pm 

 19th May
 2nd June
 16th June
30th June
 14th July
 28th July
 11th August
 25th August


Open to everyone
  • Enhance your climbing level with the support of our coaches 
  • Casual climbing, meet new people and get involved in our climbing community
  • Book your climb as normal and let reception staff know you are attending the social night.
  • No extra cost on top of your climbing cost so you can get involved!