We're on a mission to open our doors and get more people into climbing.


Join us for our introductory session "Learn the Ropes" and expect to get a little bit hooked on the thrill of indoor climbing.


Our experienced Coaches will be on hand to guide you through and keep you safe. So if you've always fancied having a go now's your chance.


We have two options for this course - You can do a 1 day course, or it can be split over two weeks.

The one day course will be 5 hours long, including a 1 hour lunch break in the middle.

The split course will be a two hour session on subsequent Saturday's.

The course costs £60 and includes your time with the instructor, all equipment included and you're welcome to continue to use the facilities for the rest of the day.

This course needs a minimum of two people for it to run; if you book on by yourself and no one else has signed up we can refund or reschedule for you.

Climbing is great for all round fitness and a lot of fun.  Our wall is friendly and sociable with just the right mix of challenge thrown in. We have a roped wall and 2 bouldering walls, one with a digital board - you'll see it's pretty nifty.

What we do is different:

  • Our course assumes no previous climbing experience - you can be assured our skilled team will show you the ropes and get you climbing the walls. You will also get to work on our bouldering walls and Digital Training Board.
  • We will get you kitted up and ready to start your session and if you get hooked then we can steer you in the right direction for all the gear you will need ( climbing shoes can be tricky). Thankfully our well stocked shop and experienced team will see you right.
  • We can help you climb safely and with the right amount of experience to take your climbing further.
  • As part of being a member at 3WM you get discounts and free coaching evenings so the fun doesn't have to stop after your course has finished.