No-one is actually shell shaped. We help people elevate themselves through play, every day, because your guard needs to be down to build yourself up.  


That doesn't mean it's all a joke. We take our mission seriously, & want to perform professionally while helping others to achieve their goals. 


Gone are the days where being top-dog counted even if you don't recycle. We only win when every one/thing/place wins with us. No harm to people, place or planet - not on our watch. 

For the whole family

Climbing, and in particular bouldering, is one of the few activities where parents and children can take part as equals. No more bored waiting to pick the kids up from clubs. No more trying to understand the difference between a wheelie and a manual while a tiny human that you created looks at you like you're the one that doesn't make sense. We've great coffee too for when it's all too much. We've got you covered.  

For the keen climber

Regular, quality route setting guaranteed. Vibe. Great coffee. Great value memberships. Climbing partner finding pages. Local knowledge. Proper opening hours. Staff that care and want to be here. No aggressive floor walking staff. A shop with the things climbers need. We've got you covered. 

For the love of coffee

Strawberries and cream, fish and chips, crocs and socks. Some things are just meant to be together. The coffee machine is the beating heart of our climbing centre. We sell excellent  coffee that would make our mums' proud. We know what a flat white is and most of our staff can draw pretty pictures with latte milk. We keep the others locked up with the decaff just to be safe. Excellent food is also available. Did I mention coffee?

"There are always fantastic routes to be climbed, loads of different styles and different kinds of problems to solve, and the routes are always changed regularly. And the staff are just brilliant and very friendly. It is a fantastic place to climb."
ian shaw

Ian shaw Local regular

My girlfriend and I stumbled upon this place while walking through Fort William. We had a few hours to spare so thought we would check it out. Turns out that it's a brilliant wall with really fun routes, made real use of the space they have. Staff were also really friendly. We normally climb in Manchester, where the centres are massive and a little characterless, so 3WM was very refreshing. Will definitely return when we are next in Fort William
indoor slab climb

Strongy13 Visiting climber

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